Word count – 1/4 and 1/5/2017

Yesterday’s word count: 423

Today’s word count: 405

My goal for yesterday and today was around 400 words. Yesterday was a great writing day. I met with a writing group that just sits and works quietly together for about an hour, then there’s an opportunity to read your work. I hit my goal pretty quickly. Because I didn’t want to “overshoot” the word-count plan, I spent the rest of the working time editing a scene toward the beginning of the novel. I think it’s about ready to post, so I’ll do that tomorrow.

Today was a tougher day. Just difficult to get motivated at all. So I put off writing as much as I could, and I’m very unhappy with the words that I did squeeze out. Still, I realized as I wrote them that I was learning something about my characters. I even did stop going an “easy” direction and refocus the action to something more in character. So, it may be ugly prose, but I hope it will still be helpful for building the story.


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