Word count – 1/12 & 1/13/2017

Tuesday and Wednesday, I didn’t get around to writing. More on that below.

Yesterday’s word count: 743 (goal 700-800)

Today’s word count: 819 (goal 700-800)

The pattern over these past couple weeks has been: I write when I get to a writing group, but not when I stay at home to write. For some reason, the mere fact that other people are also there writing is hugely motivating. If I’m tempted to distract myself somehow, I can look over at the other writers and remind myself: that’s how books get written, by people sitting and writing them. I’m lucky enough to have a few published authors among my friends, so sometimes I can even tell myself: “That’s what a professional writer looks like” as I watch them pulling their hair and gazing into the distance, but always returning to the keyboard to put words on the page.

So, consistency remains my goal. For now, I seem to need the crutch of a writer’s group. Well, if that’s the crutch I need, then I’ll use it as much as I’m able.


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