I welcome comments, critique, and conversation. But I find that blogs are much more productive when there are a few clear ground rules. In short, if you act like you would in a face-to-face gathering in a coffee shop, then all should be good.

  1. Please keep loosely on-topic. Feel free to post your own word counts, or to ask questions about my work or other commenters’ work, or to offer advice about writing. You’re welcome to link to resources you’ve found helpful, or even to your own website. But please do not use my blog as a platform to build your pyramid scheme or to rant about politics.
  2. When critiquing please be honest, constructive, and specific. For example, “When she kicks the cat, it makes me think she’s cruel” is more helpful than “I hate her!”, and “The 2000-word description of the door slows me down; one sentence is plenty” tells me more than “So boooooring!” It’s most helpful to me to hear what you’re responding to as well as what kind of response you feel.
  3. If we do this right, we’ll have some disagreements in the comments. Please remember that everyone has some reason for disagreeing with you. Try to understand where the other person is coming from, and answer the question or objection they’re actually making. “Shut up!” and “You’re wrong!” are not valid arguments, and don’t help the conversation. But if we try to understand each other, then we all might learn from one another – even if we don’t ultimately agree.
  4. I’m a great believer that vulgar language has a legitimate place in life, but that it should be used rarely if it’s to keep its power and impact. I don’t ban any swear words outright. I use them occasionally myself. But please do not use them lightly, and certainly don’t use them to insult or denigrate other people.

Thanks! I look forward to talking with you!